The company behind e-trackit is Retail Corporation Limited, based in Merseyside, UK. We have a team of highly skilled and dedicated staff, many with direct experience of retail, so we can understand your issues and provide correct advice and guidance, both now and in the future.

Over 600 retailers are using our e-trackit Stock Management Systems throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. The system successfully meets the needs of many sectors, including Clothing, Sportswear, DIY, Gift shops, Footwear, Equestrian, Cook shops, School Uniforms, Jewellers, Garden Centres, Tile and Building, Model shops and Lighting outlets.

Our aim has always been to provide “simple to use” cost-effective stock control and sales reporting systems. We achieve this through sophisticated and comprehensive software solutions at affordable prices.

The e-trackit software was first launched in 1995 and has proved a robust and responsive system. It has been extensively updated and extended to incorporate the latest till technology and developing e-commerce opportunities. As well as seamless links to your own e-commerce website(s), it allows cost effective addition of shopping channels such as eBay and Amazon, all linked in “real time”.

E-trackit is entirely our own software. We have complete freedom to make amendments and improvements and to extend its capabilities.

As technology advances, we will always be at the forefront in the development of our Retail Management Software, allowing retailers like you take early advantage of new opportunities.