• Office

    Work smarter not harder! - Reduce your paperwork, increase the efficiency of your business and make more productive use of your staff, the result ?increased turnover and profit.
    E-trackit office is the hub to the system and will connect you to all your retail channels.

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  • Shopify

    Life is complicated enough so let e-trackit control your stock on Shopify. No More over selling stock, Only Sell what you have in stock.

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  • Ebay

    Sell your goods on the world’s largest auction site directly from E-trackit. With Fixed pricing and no added charges for the amount of listings made , selling on ebay has never been easier.

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  • Epos

    For all types of Retailers, single or multiple stores our state of the art Epos solution will provide all the functionality you need. Robust integrated touch screen tills will deliver reliability just were it counts. Contactless card Loyalty system, integrated Credit/Debit cards and access to the network stock are just a few of the functions you will benefit from...

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  • Amazon

    E-trackit will intregate directly with Amazon Web Services and allow you to list and control your goods directly with the worlds biggest supermarket direct from e-Trackit.

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  • Web integration

    Reach new customers and sell global. Whether you are looking for your first ecommerce website or already have one, e-trackit can integrate smoothly into it.

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  • E-trackit Lite

    E-trackit Lite is an all in one multichannel solution, allowing retailers to control stock between various channels without the costs normally incurred with a full stock management system.

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  • ekmPowershop

    the UK's largest ecommerce to EPOS partnership, connecting ekmPowershop.com's enormous base of online shops to the leading retail management solution.

    Migrate your existing channels and Epos into your ekmPowershop just with a few clicks.

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Interlink Integration Now Available

by on 21/01/14, Blog, Latest News

Exciting news for new and existing e-trackit users. We are currently working with some ok the countrys largest couriers to offer you seamless integration between your backoffice and courier. The first courier we are pleased to launch is interlink . If you would like further infomation please call our helpdesk 0844 801 2907


IWOCA Joins E-Trackit

by on 23/09/13, Latest News

Our latest finance partner to join us is iwoca.

iwoca is an award-winning finance provider dedicated to online retailers based in the UK. By analysing your businesses sales data and customer feedback, iwoca can make a fair assessment of your ecommerce business and put a funding offer in place within hours. Borrow from £500 – £50,000 within hours. You can keep the funds for up to 6 months with full flexibility and no hidden fees.

Our friends at iwoca have setup a exclusive deal for e-trackit customers offering the first month interest free !

For more info visit http://www.iwoca.co.uk/e-trackit/


ekmPowershop Integration Now Available

by on 24/09/12, Latest News


ekmPowershop is the latest channel to be added to e-trackit

Retailers using ekmPowershop are now able to control their web site stock levels from one central location which also includes sales made on epos systems and other channels.

If you are a existing ekmPowershop user then fill in your contact details above to arrange a callback or visit us via the features button on your online ekmPowershop portal.



Easywebstore now links to e-trackit

by on 28/08/12, Latest News

Retailers using Easywebstore to manage their web site can now link to e-trackit to manage their stock control and processing of new products on a “live” stock control basis. Other channels also linking to e-trackit include Amazon and Ebay as well as bricks and mortar epos till systems, all controlled through a central “office” function, including the download of all orders, picking and despatch.



25 new tills – not bad!

by on 11/07/12, Latest News

In May this year, an order for 25 tills was negotiated with one of our older customers, replacing eight non-touch screens with the latest touch, and adding a further 17 new tills. This represented one of our biggest orders, and the whole installation was completed in 10 days, including on site training at all 21 shops.


Intersport loyalty scheme goes live

by on 24/05/12, Latest News

Intersport retailers were dismayed when their “Loyalty card” provider pulled out, but now we have developed a link between e-trackit and ACT (their new provider) to seemlessly allow retailers to continue to use the cards.

The systems went live on 21st May, and retailers using e-trackit tills are delighted with this new module.


Hire software upgrade

by on 06/03/12, Latest News

We are the only UK Epos provider to independent retailers who also offer an optional Menswear Hire module.

Developed 3 years ago, it is now being enhanced to make it more visual whilst retaining its easy to use functionality. Typically, at the till point, the party details will be entered using suit “profiles” to speed up the process. As the function date becomes closer, exact measurements can be recorded for individuals.

At the office end, the system highlights stock shortages which require agent’s orders, and then continues to manage the whole process, including agent deliveries and pick list prints.


Ebay aquires Magento

by on 01/02/12, Latest News

Magento is a powerful e-commerce ‘open source’ development platform. First introduced in 2008 , it has become one of the leading wordwide shopping carts with tens of thousands of users. In June 2011, Magento was taken over by Ebay, giving it the presence and stability that a company like Ebay can provide.

We have developed a powerful link to Magento from e-Trackit which allows the user to populate their Magento site through e-Trackit, automatically updating all product and stock information. It means the user is only controlling the stock through one single database, irrespective of the number of other web sites, shopping channels and epos systems – all on a “real time” basis.

Customers of e-Trackit are now in the enviable position of being able to expand into more ecommerce channels without the heartache of separately populating the products and controlling the stock.


Contactless Technology has Arrived at e-Trackit

by on 27/07/11, Latest News

Whether it is a gift voucher, VIP Discount card, or Customer Loyalty Scheme , e-Trackit uses state of the art contactless technology to help your business grow.

Previously retailers tried opting in for the scheme when magnetic card readers were introduced, immediately come the problem when they could not scan, or the card become damaged.

Contactless technology is being used currently in London Undergound Oyster Scheme, Barclaycard and other retailers.  The small microchip is embedded in the card meaning it canot be damaged.

The cards can be reused and programmed to serve many purposes.

Call 0844 801 2907 for further infomation


Create more sales with the help of SMS

by on 27/07/11, Latest News

With just a few clicks of a button, texting special offers and news to your customers has never been easier, E-trackit allows you to send SMS messages direct from the till point without the hassle of using 3rd party software.
All you do is buy the text bundles in advance and your ready to market your customers.

This service is available in both Uk and Ireland and even comes with 20 free texts to get you started
Think about the following

    • On average 94% of text messages are read
    • 80% of consumers keep their mobile with them all day.

Whether it be special offers, VIP fashion shows or notification of a customers favourite brand now back in stock, you can now share this information a cost efficient way

Call 0844 801 2977 for more information